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April 29, 2020 ~ 21:40 MedicalXPress

Patological benefits

June 6, 2019 ~ 20:38

You might have come across people trying different healing methods to treat their conditions. And in some cases, their patologies are not understood or even taken seriously by allopathic medicine.

Some people can not imagine themselves being healthy, this being the first crucial step in healing. Paradoxically, sickness brings some benefits as well. It might be attention and care. Or not having to go to work (which in many cases is perfectly understandable). And then again it could be a continued financial support, which would be lost upon recovery.

It can be easier to add solutions instead of going through the hard realities of your current lifestyle. This also being the reason for the lazy pop-a-pill practices we see everywhere in Western societies. If you work with clients, an insight into the current lifestyle might be the most powerful tool for both practitioner and client alike. Understand the addictions and comforts in their life; they might as well unveil the core of the sickness.