Attending Ecstatic Dance Oslo - #8 DJ LUANA SCHWENGBER (BR/DE)

★ DJ LUANA SCHWENGBER (BR/DE) ★ Amidst the jungle floor and the ocean deep, Curious creatures guide the way, Wandering on winds, whispers of white, A gentle love, fluctuating free… The dragon breathes, the eagle soars, The fish dance, the lion roars, Playful instincts, shimmering bright, Spirally, bubbling trickles of exploding light! Welcome to the universe that is Luana! Originally from Brazil, now living in Iceland - she carries the heart of the jungle into her electronic exploration. For the past few years she has been delving deep into Ecstatic Dance and Cacao Ceremonies, playing at festivals and retreats across the globe. Luana will guide us in and out of her set with chakra toning - using our voice to connect with the body; going from inner to outer movements, and back again.