Considering how close I live to this attraction (Mørkgonga) it was time to check it out. After doing kambo earlier, going for a hike in nature was a no-brainer. Thank you Mother for healing my wounds.

In spite of the forestry industry’s attempts to be viewed as “green”, the sadness in one’s soul at the sight of a clear cut is palpable. Is it really possible to chop down an entire woods and still use labels as “environmental care”? And how does our view of the forest change when we stop seeing it as an economic resource and instead as an invitation to an ecological partnership?

Everybody showed their true colors this year. I needed that. As absurd as many things looked in 2019, few expected the riveting events that would unfold in 2020. The picture shows Bernt Høie, the Minister of Health of Norway holding up the weapon of divisiveness in front of the press. A weapon that no police force had the need to enforce, as nervous citizens shielded themselves up in face diapers. Individuals in public spaces would be willing to dance away from you if necessary, all to respect an imaginary wall. Mind you, this is Norway – so the opportunities to exchange microbes and build up our immunity is already limited as some people are concerned about how many hugs they can take.

Relax, there is no medical pandemic. Fear is the only pandemic nowadays. The only thing prolonging this nightmare, is your obedience. Disobedience has been important for me this year. I’m also a walking miracle, as I hug friends, don’t use a mask, don’t use a hand sanitizer and prefer to use cash instead of card payments. According to the official narrative I should be dead by now.

Meanwhile, our civil liberties are rapidly diminishing. We have seen unimagined levels of censorship and surveillance. We have seen the raw and preponderous power of Big Tech and Big Pharma, but also the fragility it rests upon: fake news and biased mass media. What happened to investigative journalism? Anybody challenging the official narrative is now automatically called a conspiracy theorist.

In previous times, the massive loss of civil liberties would encourage any village to gather their strongest men in battle for their freedoms. Entering 2021, it seems more likely to be a pandemic of low testosterone levels is men. But these are new times, and our freedom will be reclaimed by courageous examples. Play the long game: revive our ancient traditions to stay strong in turbulent times. Hunt, gather, build, create, support and connect with the elements. Create your own rituals and ceremonies. Unity is a superpower they never want you to unlock. Herd immunity is your other superpower. Stand for something, or you will fall for anything. Connect with people, not phones. Get back to feeling. Feeling requires to calm the noise of the head, so turn off your TV and turn on your intuition. Get lost in nature and embrace the cosmic dance.