JuJu Darío

From Fusagasugá 🇨🇴 Lives in Sundvollen 🇳🇴
Kambo practitioner at Renativ Kambo 🐸
My mission is to reconnect with nature through rewilding strategies 👣
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November 25, 2020 ~ 14:29 Zack Bush MD

We should never fear death. 100% of us will die. The fear of it can only diminish the light we produce & witness in life. Death is among the most beautiful of things. It is the moment your energetic, spiritual identity chooses multidimensional flight by letting go of this particle moment that we call a body. If our cells select a virus, one of the billions in our blood stream at any time, in order to update our genome, and in that moment of adaptation the soul takes the opportunity to let go, should we justify a pandemic of fear? Then exploit that fear to produce a multi-trillion dollar vaccine program? Through our fear of death & nature we have the wrong paradigm, let alone wrong science. We are looking at the equation completely unscientifically. We are demonstrating the immature masculine paradigm: perceive problems in all natural systems, set sites on fixing said problems. Regardless of the result, set more goals… goal - failure, goal - failure, goal-success, failure, goals, success, fail. This philosophical trap eclipses the beautiful power of our capacity to be vessels of flow. A mindset of fear has decided the best way to control human beings is to separate us, & they are exactly right. In our separation, we lose the connectivity that creates joy, purpose, & our hyperintelligence. To overcome this, people are connecting through new & novel ways. It has sparked a new sense of autonomy & connectivity. A new sense of purpose is emerging. We really need a metamorphosis. We need a fundamental transformation of the way in which we design societies & socio-political systems, monetary systems & the rest. The core fundamental truth that has to be reborn is we need to rebirth the concept of value. The feminine philosophy must be revealed. If it doesn’t, we will likely go extinct over the next 80 to 100 years as we fight nature to our demise. We have a very short amount of time to change our entire relationship to nature. There is not enough time for any other system of change. Metamorphosis is our only option.

October 6, 2020 ~ 15:19 Daniel Vitalis

Where was I the day this bear was born? Surely I wasn’t even a hunter then, in those days I bought all of my meat. Were we on a collision course from the start? Where was he the day I signed up for my hunter safety course? Perhaps making his way from the wilderness of New Hampshire’s White Mountains down towards the food rich valleys that border the state of Maine? Was he in the area when I took my first bear? My second? My six or seventh? Had we been close before, maybe even occupying the same few square miles? Have I encountered his brothers or sisters, his sons, or daughters? Is it possible that a scar on his nose or the tear in his ear was caused by the bear I harvested last year? Surely they’d met in pugilism, these two large and dominant boars. What was he doing the day I got married? Feeding on blueberries and staying cool in the dry bed of a forest brook? It was summer then. Did he have memories? Where was he the night before this hunt? Did he dream? He could have gone so many directions but instead, he came to me. Was it our destiny? He was cautious, circling slowly, making sure he was alone. But he wasn’t. It was our nexus in spacetime. Did he ever suspect I was there? Now all of the carbon he’d accumulated, all of the minerals he’d acquired, the proteins he’d built and lipids he’d stored all reside here with us. Now, we’ll be built from his body. I didn’t take his life lightly, it weighs heavily on me in fact. Not regret but respect. Face to face on equal terms I’d be no match for him — he might be making his own body out of mine. But for human cunning, it wouldn’t be possible. But this was our story — and this bear is part of me now. #RatherHuntGather #WildFed

October 4, 2020 ~ 19:26 Neil Strauss

Change “Why am I unhappy?“ to “How can I feel better?” Instead of defeatedly asking “Why don’t I have enough money?” ask “How can I make more money?” Instead of asking “Why is this happening to me?” ask “How can I move past this?” Source: NLP

September 8, 2020 ~ 18:33 Neil Strauss

True obstacles to growth are needing to be right, needing to be comfortable, needing to be in control.