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November 25, 2020 ~ 14:29 Zack Bush MD

We should never fear death. 100% of us will die. The fear of it can only diminish the light we produce & witness in life. Death is among the most beautiful of things. It is the moment your energetic, spiritual identity chooses multidimensional flight by letting go of this particle moment that we call a body. If our cells select a virus, one of the billions in our blood stream at any time, in order to update our genome, and in that moment of adaptation the soul takes the opportunity to let go, should we justify a pandemic of fear? Then exploit that fear to produce a multi-trillion dollar vaccine program? Through our fear of death & nature we have the wrong paradigm, let alone wrong science. We are looking at the equation completely unscientifically. We are demonstrating the immature masculine paradigm: perceive problems in all natural systems, set sites on fixing said problems. Regardless of the result, set more goals… goal - failure, goal - failure, goal-success, failure, goals, success, fail. This philosophical trap eclipses the beautiful power of our capacity to be vessels of flow. A mindset of fear has decided the best way to control human beings is to separate us, & they are exactly right. In our separation, we lose the connectivity that creates joy, purpose, & our hyperintelligence. To overcome this, people are connecting through new & novel ways. It has sparked a new sense of autonomy & connectivity. A new sense of purpose is emerging. We really need a metamorphosis. We need a fundamental transformation of the way in which we design societies & socio-political systems, monetary systems & the rest. The core fundamental truth that has to be reborn is we need to rebirth the concept of value. The feminine philosophy must be revealed. If it doesn’t, we will likely go extinct over the next 80 to 100 years as we fight nature to our demise. We have a very short amount of time to change our entire relationship to nature. There is not enough time for any other system of change. Metamorphosis is our only option.

November 22, 2020 ~ 13:00 Art of Manliness
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Practicing minimalism with your possessions has been a trend for the past decade, and it can be a worthy practice, as long as you use it as a means to greater efficacy outside your personal domain, rather than just an end in itself. But there’s arguably a minimalism practice that’s even more effective in achieving that greater efficacy: digital minimalism.

There are many good reasons for transitioning from social media to my own personal webspace. Like owning your own content and not being limited to a corporation website/platform to communicate with the world. Then there’s the issue of digital addiction. A phenomenon fueled by social media which is omnipresent in Western societies today. And affecting all ages. Previously this was something reserved for teens and kids. Now the blue-light screens are everywhere. How did we get here? There is a kind of mindlessness at play, so any tactics and/or inspiration for taking back the analog world is worthwhile listening to.

This one is from one of my favorite podcast shows; AoM. In this interview Cal Newport talks about decluttering your digital life. Certainly worth an hour of your time if you feel “something is not right” with your phone/SoMe addiction:

November 18, 2020 ~ 18:17

Scientism is on the rise, and conclusions come easily by the scientists choosen by the fake news media. Look out for these signs.

November 17, 2020 ~ 13:54 Julian Darío Gutierrez

Human being ; close the gap between what is – and what ought to be.

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